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Black Cat Moon Logline

Black Cat Moon (Moon Shadow): 119 page unproduced feature

A young independent spirited woman helps a stroke victim caught between the living and the dead bring his father's killer to justice with the aid of Halloween's favorite pet.
Quarter Finals, FadeIn Awards script contest
1st round, FilmMakers script competition

Black Cat Moon Synopsis

Shane Dugan is a strong, rugged, but sensitive man with a heart problem and a troubled past. His father who built a lucrative business that some individuals would stop at nothing to get a piece of, was murdered when Shane was a little boy and his mother died grieved and broke when he was still an adolescent. He has his suspicions about his father's murder, but no real evidence, until one clear moonlit night, he photographs his landlord and the town's Pastor burying something wrapped the size of a human in a small field.

Shane locks the photos in a cedar chest and stores the chest under the house he rents. Before Shane decides what to do with the photos, he suffers a stroke while working on a construction site. Shane is strong and he recovers, but a second stroke, upon learning that his landlord sold everything he owned, figuring Shane would not recover, and the disappearance of Shane's beloved black cat, proves fatal.

Soon after Shane is gone, the tenants who rent the house Shane lived, for some strange reason, maybe with the help of Shane's beloved cat, a cat the tenants don't like but can't get rid of, decide to move out after a series of bizarre incidents plaque them.

A young independent woman from out of state, Connie Mar, a first year college law student, a cross between Ally McBeal and Nancy Drew, moves into the house Shane rented. Her immediate goals are to attend the town's college and to escape her over protective family back home. She adores Shane's cat, but is not welcomed in the house, even though the cat takes to her. Someone or something else does not want Connie living there, at first.

When the town's Detective uncovers a body in the small field Shane took pictures in of his landlord and the Pastor, he questions Connie who decides to put off registering at the local university, but Connie knows nothing, until, a shocking revelation presents itself to Connie one night soon after two thugs break into the house she is staying and threaten her. Connie soon develops her own suspicions aimed at Shane's landlord, who is now Connie's landlord, after she learns of his business dealings with Shane's father.

A very untrusting Shane, whom bound, finally reveals himself to Connie. He knows he has no choice but to trust Connie who has now gotten involved in the investigation by the town's Detective. An investigation Shane desperately needs solved.

Connie holds the key to the cedar chest and clues that can help the Detective to expose a killer and free Shane from his bondages. But the clues and her own snooping could get her killed.