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Black Cat Moon 1st 31 pages
Script created with Final Draft by Final Draft, Inc.

               INT. RAY CORNELL'S HOUSE - DAY

               Trish stands by the front door. She gazes at Ray stressed and

                                   TRISH MANNING
                         Please check the house and Raul
                         wants you to get rid of that cat. 

               Ray eyes Trish with a curious stare. 

                                   RAY CORNELL
                         I'll check the house over and
                         remove the cat. 

                                   TRISH MANNING 
                         I'm beginning to think living there
                         is a bad idea.

                                   RAY CORNELL
                         Just give me a chance. You'll be
                         okay. You're use to the city. In
                         the country you'll hear unfamiliar
                         sounds. It's just the natural

                                   TRISH MANNING
                         If that's natural, I'll take the

               Trish opens the door. Ray walks away from her disgusted.

                                   RAY CORNELL
                         Suit yourself. You won't find
                         places like that with the rent
                         you're paying me.

               Trish shakes her head and lumbers out the door.

               EXT. RANCHER, BACK OF HOUSE - DAY

               Miss Blacky sits under a window ledge. Her ear turned to the
               voices floating out from the open back window above her.

                                   RAUL MANNING (V.O.)
                         I thought you said Ray was getting
                         rid of that cat.

                                   TRISH MANNING (V.O.)
                         He was suppose to. I don't like the
                         cat any more than you do.

                                   RAUL MANNING (V.O.)
                         I'll show you how to get rid of it.

               DRAWER PULLED OPEN unseen

                                   TRISH MANNING (V.O.)
                         What are you doing?

                                   RAUL MANNING (V.O.)
                         Getting my gun. That cat's history.

                                   TRISH MANNING (V.O.)
                         Don't be a fool. I'll mix poison in
                         its food. Some body hears that gun
                         go off, we're both in trouble.

               Miss Blacky darts away from the window.

               BACK OF HOUSE - LATER

               Trish inspects the crawl space door. A BOWL of uneaten cat
               food sits at the foundation of the house next to the
               flappable door. Trish stoops down closer to inspect the crawl


               Miss Blacky DARTS out from under the house. 

               Trish JUMPS back, nearly tumbling over. Her face turns pale
               in shock.

                                   TRISH MANNING 
                         Don't do that! 

               Miss Blacky hisses at her. 

                                   TRISH MANNING (CONT'D)
                         Damn cat! Don't eat the food if you
                         know what's good for you.

               Trish lumbers out of view. Miss Blacky watches her path.

               INT. RANCHER, BEDROOM - NIGHT

               The wind outside HOWLS. It RATTLES the window pane. Lightning
               flashes reveal,

               Raul and Trish asleep in bed. 

               LIVING ROOM

               Front door bursts open. Wind gust whips a few leaves through
               the open door.


               Raul and Trish jump up in bed. A sudden lightning flash
               reveals terror on Trish's face.

               OPEN FRONT DOOR

               Another lightening flash exposes,

               Miss Blacky sits outside the door staring in to the room. 


               Trish gives Raul an ultimatum stare.

                                   TRISH MANNING
                         I've had enough, either leave with
                         me or I leave alone.

               Raul senses his dilemma. He scoots out of bed.

                                                               FADE TO:

               EXT. RANCHER, FRONT YARD - DAY

               Miss Blacky eats out of the bowl by the front door. She turns
               her head toward the driveway. 

               Two vehicles roll into the yard. Ray Cornell slips out of one
               of the cars. 

               CONNIE MAR, a few years younger, gets out of the other car. 
               Connie adoringly eyes Miss Blacky.


               Shane hides behind the FIVE FOOT HIGH WOOD FENCE joining the
               property with the Cornell's. He listens to, 

               Carol rants and raves at Ray.

                                   CAROL CORNELL
                         I don't like what you did to them. 

                                   RAY CORNELL
                         I'm doing what's best for us. 

                                   CAROL CORNELL
                         No, not us, you. 

                                   RAY CORNELL
                         Carol, I am getting sick of this. 

                                   CAROL CORNELL
                         I have a mind to tell Dana what's
                         going on. 

                                   RAY CORNELL
                         Cool it Carol if you know what's
                         good for you. 

               Carol stomps to the door. Ray grits his teeth and lumbers to
               the fence Shane hides behind.

                                                               FADE TO:


               The moon casts an eerie shadow over Shane's hospital bed. 
               Shane lays motionless. 

               A NURSE enters and stares at Shane. 

               Shane moves his arms, opens his eyes and slowly turns his
               head to the nurse.

               The Nurse hurries out of the room.

               INT. DOCTOR'S OFFICE - DAY

               Meeka sits in a chair with her coat wrapped around it. She
               wears an upbeat smile as she talks with, 

               Doctor Dorleen Kabian sits behind her desk. The Doctor speaks
               cautious but reassuring.

                                   DOCTOR DORLEEN KABIAN 
                         Shane is an incredibly strong
                         willed individual.

                         Shane has always been a tough
                         person as long as I can remember.

                                   DOCTOR DORLEEN KABIAN 
                         I can see it in him. This can cause
                         a problem for Shane. Because he
                         becomes stressed, it places an
                         enormous strain on his heart.

                         Shane has had a lot of problems in
                         his past. He finds it hard to trust

                                   DOCTOR DORLEEN KABIAN
                         Shane trust you though. Doesn't he?

                         As much as he can. I understand
                         Shane. I think he appreciates that.

                                   DOCTOR DORLEEN KABIAN
                         When Shane recovers, he will need
                         your support now more than ever.

                         There's something I have to tell
                         him but I don't know how Shane will
                         take it.

               The Doctor fixes her eyes on Meeka concerned.

                                   DOCTOR DORLEEN KABIAN
                         Use caution. But I'm sure he will
                         be fine.

                         Thank you Doctor.

               Meeka stands up, grabs her coat with a smile and walks out of
               the Doctor's office.


               Shane is propped up in bed. His lower half motionless. Meeka
               stands alongside Shane.

                         How do you feel Shane?

                                   SHANE DUGAN 
                         Weak. An odd sensation for me.

                         If that forces you to take it easy,
                         it's a good thing. The Doctor is
                         amazed by your recovery. 
                         I told her not to be.

                                   SHANE DUGAN 
                         I don't like being taken care of by
                         someone else. It's embarrassing.

                         Shane. Learn to trust. They're just
                         trying to help you get better.

               Shane looks at Meeka with a questioning stare. Meeka glances
               down at the floor, than back at Shane.

                         There's something I have to tell

                                   SHANE DUGAN
                         What is it?

               Meeka stares at Shane. She hesitates unsure.

                         Maybe later.

               Shane stares at the door determined.

                                   SHANE DUGAN
                         There's a problem I have to clear
                         up once and for all. I've been
                         trying to do for years.

                         I can help.

                                   SHANE DUGAN
                         I have to do this on my own.

               Shane turns his head to the window. He stares in a trance to
               the panoramic view of the city.

                                                               FADE TO:

Script created with Final Draft by Final Draft, Inc.